David Coleman

Why I feel called to the Principal position at Taree Christian College

Ultimately I believe God decided. He made everything about relocating fall into place. When God decides, it happens! I also believe that it is good to work in different schools. By doing this, you take with you good ideas and practices and this can help improve the next school. I also enjoyed working in the country and was very pleased to be offered the position. I really like looking after people and I guess the best position in a school to help staff, students and parents is being at the top!

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Jason Reed

Why I teach at Taree Christian College

Taree Christian College is an excellent school with great students, set amongst beautiful surroundings. It is a Christian school with all Christian staff who genuinely care and want the best for their students. A real sense of community exists at TCC, where students, parents and staff engage positively together. I greatly value that, as a Christian College, we get to share our faith in Jesus with our students.

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Wayne Green

Why is Christian education important for children?

I believe Christian Education is important for children because all things were created by God and for Him. Without knowledge of God and His Son Jesus Christ we ignore the real purpose of life and can be burdened by guilt and dissatisfaction. A Christian education allows children to learn and understand why we have values and morals within the human race.

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