Forms & Procedures

Here you will find some brief information and important forms for you to download and print. 

If you require more information please contact the College on 6539 0100.


Illness/Misadventure/Extention/Appeal Form

2018 Years 9 and 10 Illness Misadventure Extension Appeal Form

2018 Years 11 and 12 Illness Misadventure Extension Appeal Form


Assessment Books

2018 Stage 5 Assessement Handbook

2018 Yr 11 Assessment Handbook

2018 Yr 12 Assessment Handbook


Change of Subject Request Form

2018 Change of Elective Subject Request Years 9 and 10

2018 Change of Subject Request Years 11 and 12

Please follow these instructions for using this ‘Change of Subject Request’ form:

  1. Fill out your name, year and date.
  2. List all your current subjects and number of units for each.
  3. List any proposed subject to enrol in the lower area marked ‘New Subject/s’.
  4. Tick appropriate box for each subject, both current and new (keep, drop or enrol).
  5. For any subject that you intend to drop or enrol please collect the appropriate teacher’s signature. (Eg. Enrolling in Ag, you would seek a signature from the current Ag teacher)
  6. Sign the student declaration.
  7. Talk to your parents/carers and get them to sign and date in appropriate place.
  8. Submit to the Director of Studies for final approval.

Once submitting your form, the Director of Studies will make steps toward changing your timetable and your Board of Studies online enrolment status.

Your ‘all clear’ to start your new or changed class is when you receive your new timetable.